Has animal cruelty started to impact your everyday life?

Do you find it hard to detach from what you’ve seen?

Do the pictures and images you’ve seen keep flashing up in the day?

Are you having problems sleeping?

Have you started to hide away from your everyday life?

Have you stopped feeling connected to your previous friends?

Have you stopped mixing with other people?

Does your life feel difficult?

Do you feel alone with no one understanding you?

Do you feel traumatised by things you’ve seen?

If any of these, I may be able to help you.

A mutualistic relationship

On learning the truth, we can feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Acceptance of therapy has the potential to help them as well as us.

Vegan therapies -potential for depression

Potential for depression

Becoming aware of the pain and suffering of animals can feel like betrayal. The realisations can shock us to the core and bring us a pain that can often lead to depression.

The benefits of vegan therapy

The benefits of therapy

We need to acknowledge the pain we encounter and be willing to gain the support we may need. Therapy can allow us the strength to continue our aims to end the cruelty.

Vegan therapy and it's impact

The impact of activism

Activism can also assist in improving our mental and emotional well-being and can feel therapeutic in itself. It can give us a sense of direction, a chance to rise above depression and the means to gain hope and optimism.