Some Books I Love


Clare Mann

This is a powerful book that highlights points that many of us can read and relate to. Clare Mann takes us on the journey of how we discover the truth and assume that everyone we speak to about this will immediately change. She captures the pain and ‘vystopia’ that is encountered at that point in our lives to perfection.

Clare Mann is a vegan therapist and communication trainer.

Little RED HAT

Bridget Irving

This special book is almost wordless and illustrated in crayon and watercolour. Bridget’s book beautifully challenges the stereotypical images of wolves and speaks of compassion for animals and each other. 

This book has been created for children but also reaches out to the adult guardian reader; I love it. I found it refreshing, and it has helped me, and other adults see the importance of how we speak of animals in children’s literature. 

What doesn’t kill us

Stephen Joseph

good reads

This is a book that I find particularly inspiring in relation to potential growth from traumatic experiences. It helps to see more optimism about our mental ability. Traumatic experiences have the potential to make us more determined and gain new forms of strength to challenge what we encounter.

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life
JK Rowling.

30 Non-vegan excuses

Earthling Ed

This is a genuinely fantastic book. I have found it essential as it answers just about every excuse we are likely to hear when people try to justify not being vegan.

This book shows appropriate ways to respond to challenges, and once read, it helps our confidence, empowerment, and knowledge to go out there and challenge the untruths.