The impact of activism on them

Where activism works

Pressure on supermarkets to end sources.

As a result of Viva protests a ‘supermarket giant’ dropped Hogwood farm as their supplier. Red tractor also suspended its certificate due to the undercover footage provided.

Animal circus protests

We still need to focus on all creatures. However, there has been a step forward for circus animals. Through campaigns and activism, England’s Circuses Act has banned the use of wild animals in circuses since January 2020.

Animal aid varied forms

  • Central role on the impact on shooting industries. 
  • Key role in maintaining the fox hunting ban. 
  • Stopped a new factory farm for chickens being built.
  • Visits countless schools to provide info workshops on animal cruelty, cookery demonstrations and encouragement for activism.


For Veganuary 2024, 1.8 million people officially signed up for the vegan diet.

Fox hunt challenges

The terrors of hunting are becoming more widely understood due to activism. Examples include the recently leaked video that uncovered the ‘smokescreen’ that huntsmen create to provide a defence to organisers.