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Frequently Asked Questions


Is online therapy an option?

Most definitely. All we need is a good signal and somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit. Nowadays this is one of the most popular forms, and this is my form of therapy which takes away the issue of travelling and transport.

Will it make things worse?

Some may find it all useful and some may feel it doesn’t suit them. There is potential for things to feel worse to start with, but this is often a good thing as to be brave enough to focus on issues we can take an initial dip, but it is only then that we can start to lift and feel things are better.

Is my therapist going to judge me?

My role would not be to judge. Therapy is a form of support that can help you come to your own conclusions and sometimes learn to end self-judgment.

How can this help me?

That is a very open question, and the answer can be different for everyone. You can only know when you try it.

How many sessions would I need?

With EMDR, eight phases of treatment are followed. It is a structured form of therapy that is not expected to be long-term, but this depends on each individual and the depth of concerns.

Person-centred counselling is a very open form of therapy, and its depth and time scale are very individual. We could talk about needs and expectations at the start

Sessions are often weekly.

What actually happens during therapy?

EMDR therapy  

PERSON-CENTRED counselling/therapy will be an area to focus on talking and working through emotional troubles. See 

Will anyone know I see a therapist?

My therapy is confidential. However, some issues may need to be shared. These would be in cases of child abuse or risks of suicide. I would always discuss with you first if there appeared a need to disclose.

How do I know if I need to see a therapist?

It’s not always easy to spot when we need therapy. Sometimes it takes others to inform us if we don’t seem ok. It is useful to be mindful of our emotional well-being through sleep problems, high levels of stress, anxiety, depression & trauma.

Would I need to be vegan?

Yes, all clients need to be following a vegan diet through ethics. A requirement is to follow the ethos of aiming for a cruelty-free world and avoiding animal exploitation in as many ways as possible.

What if i’m not an activist?

Activism involves so much of what we do. It doesn’t just involve what is classed as large-scale activism, but also most definitely includes many of the following:
Cooking vegan food for non-vegan friends, wearing an item of clothing/accessory that shares the vegan message, placing car stickers on your vehicle, magnetic stickers and posters on your fridge, donating to animal-based charities, Facebook / Instagram / Blog posts etc.
The list is endless, so you are likely to be an activist even without knowing!

How much would my sessions cost?

All my therapy sessions would cost £60 for 60 minutes, or £90 for 90 minutes.

** My EMDR sessions are comprehensive psychotherapy. They are at a particularly low cost to help vegans who may struggle with funding.

Are there limits on which issues I can bring to sessions?

The sessions are purely for you, so I would want you to feel comfortable to bring any issues you feel may be good to focus on.

Free Consultation

If you are unsure and would like to talk about whether you would like to start you can have a 15-minute free consultation.

No commitments will be needed.