EMDR Therapy

(Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing)

EMDR is a form of psychotherapy that can unlock and heal the trauma/stress that negatively impacts our everyday lives.

Dr Francine Shapiro, an American Psychologist and Educator in 1987, designed the therapy. Her discovery came about from observing the processing impact of eye movement on our stressful thoughts/memories. She found that moving her eyes from side to side whilst out walking reduced the stress that she was processing; potentially similar to our REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Through her repeating the activity, it became apparent that the bilateral stimulation reduced the disturbance of the negative thoughts.

Due to her discovery, she chose to test it on a larger scale.  Shapiro first worked with 70 veteran volunteers who had experienced trauma, and developed procedures that maximised the positive outcomes. The impact was huge, and it has now been extended as a form of therapy that can help with many forms/levels of stress.

The process of EMDR is that it accelerates natural healing, and many clients are amazed by how rapidly they can process their stress/trauma.

Bilateral stimulation bypasses the area of the ‘stuck’ part of the brain. It reduces the activity in the brain’s fear circuits, allowing our brain and our nervous system to do the healing work they can. Scans have clearly shown the visual impact on the brain.

EMDR sessions are structured, following an eight-phase process of history taking, preparation, assessment, desensitisation, installation, body scan, closure, and re-evaluation of the treatment effect.

Working with fellow vegan Jo has been an amazing positive experience. Her vegan ethics shine through in her kindness and empathy, and her commitments to the EMDR process have made the sessions feel very safe and nurturing. I came to Jo at a very challenging point in my life and her support and the EMDR made a huge, positive difference.

P Navo

“I can’t recommend Jo enough. She helped me navigate through some past trauma in a really caring and professional way. I found it really easy to open up to Jo and feel so much better for having done so.
She has a way that makes you feel at ease, instantly, like you’re having a chat with a friend.
Thank you so much Jo. Your sessions were invaluable.”

S Spibey

“I found my EMDR with Jo really inspiring. Not only is she very kind and understanding, but she is enormously skilled and great at what she does. I have benefitted a lot with my noise sensitivity issues and it has been an empowering experience to tackle some of my historic animal related trauma with her. After 4 sessions, I already feel less triggered and more in control around the issues that we worked on.

A Narayani

EMDR therapy is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Free Consultation

If you are unsure and would like to talk about whether you would like to start you can have a 15-minute free consultation.

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