The impact and importance of activism

We can sometimes underestimate the impact of what we do. I remember someone approaching me at an event and saying, “But one person can’t make a difference”. We know the impact of historical activism – often started by just one person. Being active can have an amazing ripple effect. It all has to start somewhere.

Suffragettes – were part of the ‘votes for women’ in public elections campaign. In 1918 a bill was passed through parliament that allowed women the right to vote.

Rosa Parks – In 1955 added to the struggle for racial equality by refusing to give up her seat to a white man in the ‘colored section’ of a bus. This also created the Montgomery bus boycott.  

Martin Luther King – In 1955 MLK was the leader of a civil rights movement to end racial discrimination. He helped bring civil rights to African Americans and his legacy continues to inspire through his recorded speeches and teachings.

Nelson Mandela 1990’s. He used his life to fight for equality and helped to end the apartheid which brought 1994’s general election to be multicultural. 

Imagine that as you are walking down a road…

You see a man beating a dog with a stick.

He looks up, sees you, and shouts to you to join in with him.

You now have three choices:

  1. You join in with the man in beating the dog.
  2. You refuse to participate in any abuse and walk on by.
    • This is like being a vegan.
  3. You refuse to participate and actively stop the man from beating the dog.
    • This is like being a vegan activist.

Only as an activist does the dog get saved.

How to be active

A good place to start is to see if there are others in your area who are active. You may feel nervous meeting people initially, so online interaction on Facebook etc can be a useful start.

These are some useful places to look for general forms of activism which can also be in your area.

Animal Aid volunteering

PETA forms of activism

Animal Save Movement