About Vegan Therapies

About Vegan Therapies

My experience as a vegan, activist and therapist has helped me understand the impact on people of the awareness of animal cruelty, the impact of activism, and the potential need for therapy. The range of feelings I know we can encounter is both broad and individual. They include shock, horror, sadness, helplessness, grief, guilt, pain, disappointment, anger, despair, a desire for escape, a yearning to help, and many more. Our ways of coping with these vary, and I think the important thing is to acknowledge our individual needs to help ourselves and ensure we do all we can for the animals. 

My Passion

When I learned about animals’ pain and suffering, all other things in my life seemed to stop being my priority. Knowing what I now know makes me passionate to end the suffering and to help vegans who are pained by what they learn. Seeing the difference that mutual support and compassion can bring makes me feel hopeful that those who care can maintain their strength and emotional well-being to feel able to continue the battle to end the suffering and know that they are not alone.

My Goals

My goal here is to help those I feel are in need and deserving of help. I want to combat vegans’ pain and encourage an acceptance of support where needed. As a trained therapist, I want to use my skills to ease their mental and emotional exhaustion and allow them to acknowledge and gain much-needed support in order to continue their aims for a cruelty-free world.  


Therapy qualifications

Certificate in counselling & psychotherapy

Diploma in counselling & psychotherapy

Accreditation in counselling & psychotherapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) psychotherapy.

Therapeutic experience

Counselling & psychotherapy

Bereavement & unresolved grief

Family relationships & parenting

Life story work for looked after children and
young people

Play therapy

Support & care for sexually abused children

Teenage brain, child development & attachment

Teenage drug use and hidden harm

Specialist areas

Abuse – sexual, emotional, physical & neglect

Anger management



Domestic violence



Separation & loss

Substance misuse

Teenage brain